The biggest marketing fail ever

There is one common marketing mistake that I often see. I usually see it locally in South Africa, but I am sure lots of people make this mistake. It is such a basic mistake I sometimes wonder how people do not know this. This should be marketing 101. 


Winners don’t make this mistake

Let me describe this mistake in detail:

Just last week I saw someone make this mistake in a room full of people. Everyone wanted him to do well (most people do when you are speaking in public) – people have empathy. The moment he made the mistake that I will describe just now I looked around. Most people were visibly cringing. Some people looked away. Some suddenly had something to do on their phones or got up and went to a different part of the venue.


“Most people were visibly cringing.”


What was this terrible mistake? This mistake I too often see.


The big marketing mistake I often see is:

People slate their competition. Yes, a rep, owner or other person connected to a business directly or indirectly says something bad about their competition.


This is a very quick way to lose trust and customers.


By doing this you are:

  • Showing immaturity.
  • Indicating that you are actually afraid of your competition.
  • Revealing insecurity and bad character.

The bottom line is that to me you are saying that you can’t market your business / product on it’s strengths. By slating your compeition you are saying that you / your product / your company has no strengths worth mentioning.


Come on guys and girls. Stop doing this.


Ok, I’m finished, I will get off my soapbox now…



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