Graphic Design services by The Marketing Techy

Graphic design services:

  • Professional logo design
  • Corporate identity
  • Any other digital or print design

Rates: R450/hour or as quoted on a per project basis

At The Marketing Techy we deliver the best in design. Anything from logo, corporate identity, business cards, brochures, pamphlettes, signage or whatever your needs are.

We believe in clean and simple design. Design and art are two different things. Art ads value by being beautiful and emotional. Great design is not art, but is about functionality. Great design will communicate an idea and be functional in it purpose. Great design will be elegant and simple.

Logo Designs by The Marketing Techy:

Graphic Design: Home Give Away Logo
Logo Design: The Twiddle Project
Graphic Design: LimeSUP Logo


Please note due to remote working and high work volume with companies switching to Ecommerce and also needing urgent changes to websites we will until further notice only take support requests sent to: and no other requests will be worked on until further notice. Please don’t SMS / WhatsApp or call. Just send an email to the above address and we will get to it. We want to keep everyone safe and also help you to keep your business going in these tough time. Please help us by keeping to this arrangement for now.

The Marketing Techy
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