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I am Bertrand van der Berg. I live in South Africa. I was very privileged to get a great education (bachelors in mechanical engineering). After graduating I then was fortunate enough to work for a couple of great international companies. I have travelled the world on business. Learnt a lot. Had great mentors in these global corporate companies. As I said: fortunate.

“Ten years of international sales and marketing”

Now it is time to give back. Ten years of international sales and marketing experience under the belt. I have a good career. Good position. Good income. I’m grateful.

“I’m grateful”

Although for my career I work mostly in large cities (where industry is), I grew up in a small town. I have a love for small towns. I enjoy talking to small business owners. I always try to support local and small business in my private buying.

So this is how I am giving back:
I will teach and help businesses to market themselves. This marketing will be based on experience. It will be relevant to the new connected and social world we live in. It will be cost effective for businesses with fixed budgets to execute within.

I love getting technical about marketing and I believe it is the only way to be successful in marketing online. Designing a great advert is not enough anymore. Tracking testing and promoting is all part of the game now. Great content does not rise to the top without the right technical inputs. Online marketing is exciting as the feedback is almost immediate and the costs of experimentation are low.

My 9 rules for marketing:

  1. Measure everything
  2. Create great content
  3. Know your target market
  4. Test
  5. Research
  6. Adapt
  7. Simplify
  8. Automate
  9. Do all the above again and again

Join me for this journey. Subscribe, follow, share and spread the word. It will be worth it.

The Marketing Techy

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This business is not taking on any new customers. We are slowly winding down as the owner has moved to the USA.

The Marketing Techy