Do you need to patent your idea?

A question I get often: “Do I need to patent my new idea?”

Here is my personal thoughts on patents.

Is it worth getting a patent?

Can you get a patent?

First up if you can’t get a one it does not help worrying about it. Is your idea unique? Is it something that you can actually get a patent on? Has it ever been done before? A good idea is to do a search online. Google has a good patent search engine that will give you a good first idea. The South African Patent Office also has an online search engine. You can also look at registering a design and not a patent. If your invention is unique keep reading.  (more…)

WordPress: What is it exactly?

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Firstly let me begin by saying that WordPress and although related is not the same thing. WordPress (found at is the software. is a company and is an internet (website) hosting company that uses a specific (in most cases a more limited) version of the software which has the same name. All you need to know is that in most cases the best solution is to use the WordPress software installed on your own server at a dependable hosting company.  (more…)

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