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  • Let us help with your marketing strategy
  • Do you need market research done?
  • Need help ranking higher in Google?

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Increase your sales

We have increased leads for some of our customers by up to 200x in 12 months

We can perfect your marketing strategy and tactics

Packages include regular website redesigns

Don't know where to start with online advertising?

Let the experts help you with Google, Facebook or other online advertising

Online Marketing Services and Pricing


Need some help or feedback
  • Chat to a marketing expert
  • Need some help?
  • Have a specific question or problem?
  • Issues on your website?
  • Need a new strategy?
  • Not sure how to implement something?
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Keyword research

Search terms research
  • Relevant search terms
  • Competitive analysis
  • Current and new terms
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Market research

Digital marketing research
  • Need to know what your customers want?
  • Do you need specific market research?
  • Competitive metrics?
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Weekly report

Weekly online marketing feedback
  • Receive a digital marketing report
  • Updated weekly for faster reaction time
  • You will see what is working and what not
  • We will give you suggestions and tips every week
  • Report includes website traffic analysis
  • Social media analysis also included
  • Don’t guess, get the information that you need
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  • 2 hours on location
  • Travel and accommodation excluded
  • Professional video editing
  • Real Estate videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Product videos
  • Interviews
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the consulting in person or by video conference?
Both. We will consult either in person at your premises or with video conferencing software (Skype, Google Hangouts etc.).
Can you help with research about our next product to launch?
Absolutely. We can do research to see what your potential customers are looking for, where they hang out online as well as who your potential competition will be. Market research is one of our key services.
Why should we do SEO?
Search engine optimisation makes sure that you rank high for search engines like Google. Studies have shown that the first listing on Google gets almost half of all the search traffic. The second listing about a quarter. It drops off quickly after that. You can double your leads as well as sales by moving up a spot in Google.
Are the monthly marketing reports customised for my business?
Yes, the report will be specific to your business. It will show your progress as well as give tips for growing your marketing exposure. It will report on key indicators like website traffic as well as social media engagement. This is one report to replace all the fragmented bits of information that is spread all over the web.

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