Don’t fall for vanity metrics with online marketing. In the end if you are marketing a business only sales matter!

Don’t fall for vanity metrics with online marketing. In the end if you are marketing a business only sales matter!

The only reason for a business to exist is to make money. Sales matter. Charity and social responsibility can only work within a business when the business is successful. Don’t worry about vanity metrics, make sales first. Marketing is there to get you more leads and thus sales. Keep your eye on the target.

SEO Pyramid – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Pyramid

We at The Marketing Techy uses the Search Engine Optimisation Pyramid as the basis for search engine optimisation. The Search Engine Optimisation Pyramid is divided into 3 parts , Technical SEO, On-page SEO and Off-site SEO. In the video we provide users with more information about these types of search engine optimisations and how it is used and what it means. Here is a video that will tell you more about the search engine optimisation Pyramid:  (more…)

Advertising Agencies in the Digital World

The Role of Digital Advertising Agencies

Advertising Agencies

Their has been much debate around the role of digital advertising agencies. In my opinion it is actually much simpler than what some people would like you to believe.

Some of the traditional marketing experts trying to move to digital will tell you that great marketing principals will hold true in any format. Digital is just one format of marketing. This is true, except any master knows their tools. Although great marketing and advertising principals are true for digital, you need to know digital, how people use it, what the trends are and how the technology works to really leverage the opportunities.  (more…)

10 Reasons to start blogging today

Here are ten reasons why you absolutely need to start blogging today.

Whether a personal or business blog, there is no better day to start than today.

Start Blogging Today

Start Blogging Today

  1. Blogging is easier than ever with great and user friendly software like WordPress. One click installations on web servers like Bluehost and Afrihost makes it perfectly easy to install.
  2. The perfect time will never come, just do it today.
  3. Online marketing is something that you grow with, learn as you go and is ever changing. (more…)