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We do design, hosting, research, advertisingĀ and consulting.

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We have extensive experience and have done various market research, SEO, website design, advertising strategy and product design projects forĀ local and international clients

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Digital Marketing Agency

We are a dynamic digital agency based in Parys (only an hour from Johannesburg) and we service a customer base in Parys, Potchefstroom, Vaal Triangle (Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Sasolburg), Johannesburg, Knysna and even internationally including Berlin, Germany.

We are a small, but extremely experienced agency. Our prices are fair and we deliver results. We don’t just make “pretty” things, but we actually research, design and monitor to make sure that in the end you make more sales due to our work. We guarantee our work and you will see a return on the money invested with us. We can prove that we are instrumental in helping our customers grow their businesses.

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Marketing courses In person or video conference Twitter training Facebook marketing Instagram marketing Google SEO Adwords training WordPress training

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Website Design

Website design Standard or Custom design Ecommerce or online catalog options Wordpress CMS Responsive design Latest website technology

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Online Marketing Packages

All in one online marketing packages Includes hosting Includes website design Includes email administration Domain registration included Domain renewals included

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Website Hosting

Website hosting packages Includes off-site backups Includes Wordpress updates Wordpress specific hosting

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Marketing Services

Market research Online marketing SEO (search engine optimisation) Online advertising Consulting

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Product Design

Product design CAD CAM 3D Printing FEA Analysis Prototyping Injection mould tooling design

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Some of our happy customers:

Advertising Agencies in the Digital World

The Role of Digital Advertising Agencies Their has been much debate around the role of digital advertising agencies. In my opinion it is actually much simpler than what some people would like you to believe. Some of the traditional marketing experts trying to move to...

The Problem with Marketing Today

Contemplations on why marketing goes awry… In the last few months I slowly realised the way technical companies (tech, software, engineering and scientific) companies are doing their marketing is falling short of their expectations. Sales and marketing...

How to Backup WordPress

Why Backup your WordPress website? Crap happens. Things go wrong in the digital world. Your hosting server can go down. Your database on the server can get corrupted. You can get hacked. Your hosting company can disappear (for various reasons). You can get corrupted...

Do you need to patent your idea?

A question I get often: “Do I need to patent my new idea?” Here is my personal thoughts on patents. Can you get a patent? First up if you can’t get a one it does not help worrying about it. Is your idea unique? Is it something that you can actually...

WordPress: What is it exactly?

Firstly let me begin by saying that WordPress and although related is not the same thing. WordPress (found at is the software. is a company and is an internet (website) hosting company that uses a specific (in most cases a...

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